Guys have you ever fallen really hard for a girl?

Only to have her leave you for someone else? And to find out she had feelings for them all along?


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  • who hasnt? I was with a girl who did nothing but make promises and say how I was the one for her. Got my name tattooed on her skin and swore we were made for each other. She talked about marrige and all. we were engaged for 2 years. I truly cared for her and after all I gave up and everything I did for her left me for some random guy.

    lesson of the story. Woman always say they want this and that but they don't know what they want. if a girl talks to you about getting married, ignore it. Getting married in todays world has no meaning. an engagment ring is just a bragging right to most woman. Don't give up on your dreams for anyone else because they wouldn't throw you away in an instant for their dream life.


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  • Yes. But the guy she was with was an a**hole anyway.

  • I am eternally grateful to say this has never happened to me, at least not to my knowledge which if it is in fact the case, I'm am equally as grateful to not know otherwise.