What do y'all think about marriage?

Do you want to get married?

How do you know it's the right person?

Is your marriage going to last?

Is marriage outdated?


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  • I am married.

    I knew that I was marrying the right person because I could entirely be myself around him and his feelings never seemed to waver. He respected me and encouraged me to pursue things that I wanted to do.

    I met my husband when I was 22, I am now 29. We are different people than we were when we met and because we continue to grow, we continuously need to adapt. My husband is a wonderful man, but it is extremely difficult to be satisfied by one person - emotionally and physically (I am not referring to sexuality)- for even ten years. So, if you realize that your partner will not be everything to you and you seek out other people/activities/employment that can help fill whatever part of your social being might be missing then, yes, marriage can last. If you expect otherwise, it will not or if it does it most likely will not be a happy marriage. We have had a million trials, I have made mistakes and so has he, but I trust that we'll be together when we're 80, raking leaves or some other geriatric activity. You can't go into marriage thinking otherwise.

    I one sense, yes, marriage might be outdated -- at least in the "traditional " sense. There is a lot of room for error and drifting in today's world, but I think there always has been, it has just been under-wraps (is that a word?). Do I ever think there will be a time when humans don't seek a life partner of the opposite sex? Never. It is the most rewarding thing there is.


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  • My thoughts are, I do not have a desire to get married. I have seen my parents go through a nasty divorce. I have seen them split from other long term relationships. I have seen other relatives go through divorce. I have seen my friends parents go through divorce. I think the bond of old fashioned marriage is outdated and does not fit today's lifestyle. I don't have anything against others who want to get married. It just seems to me like, 'oh its not working, time for a divorce'. People do not seem to work it out, like they used to. So, from my point of view, it seems overrated. I wouldn't have a problem getting hitched with some one, if I knew she was right and we had been together for a LONG time. To me, its the connection and the devotion between two people that matters, not a over priced wedding and a piece of paper.

    • Yeah, I definitely agree with you: to get married, I would have to have a lot of confidence in it working out, via living together, and not worrying too much about the wedding. People tend to have such involved weddings, and I think it's really glamorous, but when you'repaying for it and in debt 10 years later, I don't think that's really worth it.

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  • It may sound a little old-fashioned and idealistic, but I still believe very strongly in marriage! Maybe that's because my parents have shared 24 happy years of marriage together : ).

    YES, I do want to get married. I see it as an important part of my future/life.

    I suppose there's no way to know for absolute certain that you will marry the "right" person, but in my opinion, that isn't what makes a marriage strong. It's the two partners working together to settle their differences, both giving a little, compromising for the other, and putting forth the effort that is necessary in order to have anything worthwhile--not just for marriage; this is a life principle!

    Yes, I think marriage can last, and I believe in forever! Marriages that are based on the heat of the moment are the ones that don't last. The ones that are based on commitment DO last. Not saying that chemistry doesn't help, but if that's all there is, then the couple won't be likely to make it through the rough times.

    Marriage will never be outdated.

    If anyone uses the high divorce rates as evidence that marriage doesn't work, they don't really have an accurate conception of what those numbers mean. Marriage hasn't changed--people have changed in their lack of willingness to work out their differences. Yes, the figures are discouraging, but is most definitely possible to make marriage work if you only set your mind to it.

    I believe in marriage! : )

  • i don't not want to get married but it wouldn't be top of my wish list for life either.

    there is no right person there will always be conflict or something wrong but if we loved each other with all our heart and had trust then I guess id know and would want to marry that person.

    nobody knows if there marriage will last but I think mine would because I know there will fights, lots of tears,moments of hate , and just rough times but that's normal and I wouldn't just give up like most people do now a days because they think marriage is like ment to be like the fairytales were your so in love and get on amazingly.which is not what marriage is you have to work at marriage everyday for the rest of your life if your not willing to you'l never stay together

  • Yes I do want to get married - one day in the future - not for a few years at least though.

    I don't know how I will know it's the right person. I imagine they will be my best friend and lover.

    I do plan on my marriage lasting whenever it occurs. I think it would be awfully sad to get into a marriage expecting it to end.

    If marriage is outdated and out of style. then I don't want to be in style, hun. ;-)

  • I want to marry. I like the idea of being tied that way to the one I love. Plus I think you get a cut on taxes or something if you're married.

  • NO, I don't want to get married.

    I don't know if I'll EVER meet the right person, so why risk a commitment and it may not work out?

    My marriage probably wouldn't last. I'm not a lovable person.

    Marriage is VERY outdated.