Should you hint that you're about to breakup?

Im going to dump my girlfriend and will do it in person but should I hint that I am going to breakup with her like send the "we need to talk" text?

Or the "I would like to talk to you" text which is not as harsh?


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  • I would never send the 'we need to talk' text, mainly because that directly means you're breaking up with her. It isn't a hint. When your girlfriend reads it, she's just going to see, "We're through, biatch."

    The fact that you're wondering what you should do means that you don't want to hurt her. That's really noble of you, but she's going to be hurt no matter what. This is such a touchy subject because if you start hinting at it, she might break up with you before you could break up with her and that would cause a huge mess.

    I would suggest that the next time you see her in person, you just break it to her then, straight out. I don't mean that right when you see her, from across the parking lot or something you scream, "I'm breaking up with you!" That would suck.

    Try to break the news at a time when you two are in a position that made you want to break up with her. I mean, if you have a lull in conversation and you're just sitting there, bored and uncomfortable, you should slowly ease it in then. Never tell her when she's happy because that's just cruel. Try to let her know why you're doing it by breaking up with her at a time that exemplifies why.

    Tell her what's the problem. If you think it can be fixed, propose a solution. If you can't get around it, tell her what the problem is in the nicest way possible and then explain that that's why you two can no longer be together. Like I said, hints would only make her want to break up with you first. Besides, if there's a legit reason behind you wanting to break up with her, she probably already sees it coming.

    Of course, if she's a total jerk, just tell her she's a total jerk and end it there. The end!

    So, I hope I helped. I know it's hard, and no matter what you do it's going to hurt. But maybe my advice made it hurt just a little less. :-)


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  • No text..and don't be all happy and loving one day and the next day break up because you leave them asking what they did hinting doesn't work..people can be so dumb

  • no. just be straight forward and be an adult


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