This a good idea? Proposing at a time like this to save a relationship?

My girlfriend and I of about a year just recently got into an argument and she's really thinking about breaking up with me. We argue over the stupidest things and it's happened often but we always make up and laugh at it in the end. This time was different though. We've known each other for about 17 months total and went out for 12. We were each others firsts for a lot of things.We talked about marriage and our future together a lot. We planned out our future with specific details. 5 Months into our relationship she moved in with me and everything was perfect. We just had the common fights any ordinary couple would face.

It's been about a week since we broke up and I've only talked to her in person once or twice. She told me in person the first time that she was only moving to get time away from me so she could have some space and we would make this work. Second time she said we were better off without each other. Third time she said she just wanted to be friends but now she's kind of giving me the hint that we have a 'chance' of getting back together.She also said she doesn't want another boyfriend if we never got back together,she wants to give up relationships in general.

I'm confused and hurt but I still have hope.I told her I have changed before,but this time I truly deep down really mean it. It's frustrating to know she won't give me the time of day to trust me.We've never cheated on each other, always been faithful, always had fun times, and now because of an argument I might be losing the girl of my dreams. Would it be a good idea to go and try and propose to her? I was even thinking of getting a tattoo with her name on it to show her my change is permanent. I'm so committed to this woman and I couldn't imagine living life without her.


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  • NOT a good idea. It might come off as desperate to her. I would say: first try to make, be reconciled with her, and once your relationship is back to normal, propose.

    • He's right, don't propose when you guys are in a situation like this.

      try and fix things up with her, talk it out, then once you two are back on ya'll feet, then you should after that. good luck. =] keep me posted.