What to do after a girl subtly says we're not exclusive?

I met a beautiful girl last Thursday at Starbucks.

Went on spontaneous date on Friday, and it went fantastic... she's really into me. Stays that way through the weekend, and on Sunday, she joins me at my cousin's house and she's really enjoying the pool party and BBQ.

We had a little bit of PDA, and she ate it up.I made it pretty obvious I'm into this girl, blatantly said I was interested, and she smiles in response.

We talked for an hour on the phone yesterday, and she loved it and asked me to call her later that night. I did, and we had a fun convo, but she light-heartedly mentions this:

"we're not exclusive... it's good to take things slow, no sense in

rushing things."

I react by saying "of course, you could be all sorts of crazy I don't know about yet!" and I change the subject. We talk and laugh for 10 more minutes (it wasn't an awkward moment), and I said I had to go and that I'd talk to her today.

When a girl subtly says we're not exclusive and she wants to take it slow (emotionally, not physically), how much should I back off?

My instinct is to back off a tad and take it easy... maybe re-engage in a day or two. Should I stop taking initative and completely?


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  • Your smart for the most part. Keep improving your life and date and have fun on the side. Meet other people, maybe those who are also looking for something more serious.

    But If I was you I wouldn't sleep with her.I'd be an ass about those kind of things. You don't need her using you for sex and attention and then go off with some other dude and then back and forth. because she wants to taste every dish on the buffet before she picks one.

    so do what your doing, take it slow and meet other people as well. If she's really into you it would drive her nuts and might even push her to keep you for herself lolz


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  • It sounds like things are going pretty well so far so I wouldn't change anything about what you're doing. Just don't give her a hard time if she doesn't wanna go out with you on a certain night for whatever reason and don't call or text her 24/7. Let her know she still has plenty of space.

  • she isn't ready to give up her independence yet. your instinct is right, give her some space but don't stop taking initiative completely, as this might give mixed signals


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  • Your instincts are right. And I would give her credit for telling you in a nice way to not get too deep too quickly. If you don't push it too much, give her space, and do a little extracurricular dating of your own, then you may see a natural progression into something more serious, if that is what you both want.

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