Marriage contracts?

Otherwise known as marriage. A guy "friend" of mine who I cannot be with because he is married (although miserable) told me jokingly that if I write up a contract with the folowing we would talk. Here is what is included. What would you guys include? This is all in fun by the way..

- I would cook, clean, and provide him with "happy" time everyday.

My only requirements are for him to provide for me, be extra nice and sweet (he picks on me a lot!) and to be appreciated.

Sounds like a marriage huh? One that he does not have, a good marriage anyway!


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  • 1. "One that he does not have, a good marriage anyway!"

    So you're thinking of marrying someone who has proven to cheat or at least mess around rather than talk out problems or end the relationship.

    Hope you're younger than this guy friend because youth would be your bargaining chip to keep you from being replaced.

    2.What would you guys include?

    I don't cook for you. You don't cook for me.

    I don't clean for you. You don't clean for me.

    We have sex when we both want

    I don't do what I don't want during sex

    I keep my name

    The boys have your name & the girls have mine or the kids have hyphen names

    I don't wear a ring. You don't wear a ring.

    I wear what I want

    No cheating- sexual or emotional

    Housework/cooking/child care is split as evenly as possible since there is no true equality

    There are 4 accounts- 1 shared savings for the kids, 1 shared checking for the bills, 1 my own debit for my allowance, 1 your own debit for your allowance


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  • Be careful with your "friend". This is all fun and games for now but over time it's going to get a little more serious bit by bit. Eventually someone is going to do something they regret and people are going to get hurt.

    If your "friend" is that unhappy in his marriage then he should think about ending it, not cheating on his wife.


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