What do you want your marriage proposal to be like?


Thoughts? What do you want your marriage proposal to be like? Or if you're already married, how was your proposal like?

  • I want that to be my marriage proposal!
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  • No thanks, that's not my thing. I want something else that's unique.
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  • I want it to be the first place where we met.
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  • I like it short and simple. Anywhere, really.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • my love story was pretty good and my marriage proposal was pretty good, I won't go into all the details but when he proposed over skype he went into details on how our lives would be if we got married and I asked him the reasons why he wanted to marry me and we discussed it as grown and mature adults before I said "yes I'll marry you some day".

    • Skype..? What has the world come to.

    • it was long distance dating, I lived in the states and he lived in Europe. The world has come to international connection through the internet.

    • I think that's adorable <3 Long distance relationships are the strongest because it takes a lot more commitment and trust due to the distance than any other relationship. I wish you both a really happy future!

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What Guys Said 3

  • that took awhile, but it was cleaver. Still, if I was in the movie theater I'd be mad they're delaying a movie I wanted to watch -_- selfish people. Why must so many think that everyone in the world wants to f***ing see their marriage proposal? Retarded.

    • LOLOL. I thought I was the only one who thought that way.

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    • Bahaha. Preach it!

    • Ya :| it's a problem with our society. Tbh, more women than guys. They want to be center of attention whores and they want everyone to focus on them. It's the stupid being a celebrity for famous' sake sh*t and it really needs to stop.

  • I'd propose at a death metal concert.

    Or, being the huge nerd I am, I would propose by building a house in minecraft with a huge sign saying MARRY ME? Of course this is assuming my hypothetical girlfriend was into death metal and minecraft.

  • Idk if I'm just a slow reader but that text was changing wayy too fast. Also, did she not see a camera just recording her?


What Girls Said 4

  • That was so incredibly sweet.

    I just got engaged earlier this month when my boyfriend got home from deployment. Our engagement was MUCH more simple than that. We spent the evening out at the lake with our dogs and right after sunset, he got down on one knee and asked. That was perfect for us.

  • OMFG. lololol

    that was hilarious... especially the slo-mo part...lmfao...

    but while it is a great way to propose and the sincerity was really there, I don't think I'd want to be proposed that way. I like simple... I wouldn't want other people to be there either lol. just me and him. :)

  • That marriage proposal was totally copied! Xiaxue's boyfriend proprosed the same way, except they got married a few years back.

  • under the stars during a carriage ride