How to be a Muslim and what should I do?

I want to be a Muslim but don't know what should I do.Could anyone help me? The only thing I know is that I have to say some specific words in Arabic..:(


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  • Well to convert to Islam all you have to say is the Shahada, which is La ilah illa Allah Muhammad rasoolu Allah. This is the declaration of faith and it translates in English to "I testify that there is no god but God, and that Muhammad is a Messenger of God."

    It's the first pillar of Islam and when you say that with the intention of becoming Muslim in your heart you've just converted to Islam.

    Now upon reciting the Shahada & converting you would then look at the other pillars of Islam (the Shahada is the first one). The 2nd pillar is establishing Salat (prayer) which is daily and there are 5 of them, the 1st is called Fajr, then Zuhr, then Asr, then Maghrib, and last Isha. It's not hard to do and they really only take like a few minutes.

    The 3rd pillar is fasting during Ramadan, again not hard at all & you get used to it after like the first couple days.

    The 4th pillar is Zakat, which at basic is a type of charity given to the poor. This has more detail in it than I am going into so definitely look more up on this.

    The 5th pillar is going for Hajj. This is required of you at least once in your life provided that you are able to. By this I mean that all your responsibilities are taken care of, you have no debt, you are physically able to do it, you are not going into debt to do it, you are not neglecting taking care of those dependent on you in order to do it etc.

    The order that I typed it in is also that which is easiest to do to hardest as well as being the most important aspect for you to do to not always required of you. For example anyone can say Shahada but not everyone can fast or afford to give Zakat or go to Hajj. You are required to do only those that you are capable of doing so the 1st pillar then 2nd then 3rd then 4th then 5th.

    Also you should not consume alcohol or eat certain things such as swine or reptiles or amphibians, no eating whale or dolphin which I doubt you do anyways as most people don't.

    You would also read the Quran.

    It's not hard to follow Islam and please do ignore this Islamophobia present in the media, the killing of civilians in any situation is inexcusable and for that the person committing that act should be punished. Sharia is also not how the media has portrayed it and neither is Jihad, nor is it how these extremists have tried to twist it into. Every time you choose not to listen to the devil and commit a sin that's a type of Jihad in and of itself

    Now my concern is that you said you want to be a Muslim but don't know what to do. I just hope that it is because you are sincerely interested in becoming a Muslim and not out of pressure or outside influence because the number one thing is truly believing and all else comes second. That's why the first pillar is the most important and required for every Muslim because everyone can either recite it or say it in their minds with the intent to convert to Islam in their hearts. If you do convert to Islam then let me be the first to say Assalamualaikum sister :-)

    • Thank you very much for all this information! I know very well what I am doing...I just wanted the Shahada's words. I always wanted to know the truth about God and I found it in Quran.People of other religion should not hate each other,because they believe in the same God(there is no another),but just don't get it. Thank you again :DD

    • No problem. I'm glad that I was able to help and also glad that you found the truth. You're right, there's far too much hate in the world, people just need to step back, chill and realize we're all human, enough with the wars. Again just do more research on Zakat especially cause I did not have the characters to do the explanation justice. Welcome to Islam and once again Assalamualaikum sister. If you have any questions feel free to ask either here or add and ask. I'll do my best to answer them.

    • I added you as friend :)

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  • google: How to be a Muslim?

    • Sometimes it's better when a Muslim tells you what to Google you can find lots of information and sometimes aren't true :)

  • Ignore people that tell you to strap bombs to yourself and you should be fine.

    Other than that read the Quran and the writings of Muhammad or something and eat halal meat. Don't drink alcohol and don't have sex before marriage. I think those are the basics.

    • Before doing all these I SHOULD be a Muslim..because I am not...that's why I asked how to make the first step :)

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    • It's just the way it is.

    • Glad to see that you know that way

  • why would you want to be a Muslim? just wondering

    • Why would anyone want to be any religion?

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    • great so now you know how it feels like. I'll leave your religion alone and you leave mine

    • sounds fair. And I meant to say "we don't pray to images" my bad

  • Trying so hard not to make an offensive joke about terrorists right now, lol.

    • If all Muslims were terrorists,your joke would make sense :)

  • I love trolls!

  • knowmeyourself




    Are Muslims, they're the best to be asked

    chat wz any of them, they'll happily answer :)

  • Cut off your clitoris with a rusty knife, throw out all your make-up, wear a headscarf everywhere you go, and go become some stinky Muslim man's property -- um, I mean "wife."


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  • have no idea what islam is about,but you want to be Muslim just so you can say you're Muslim? great,you're fitting in with religious people already.

    • The best way to know about Islam is to be one of them :)

    • So this begs the question, is she a spy sent to infiltrate Islam?

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