Is it weird for a guy to talk more about "family" than a girl does?

My ex keeps talking about settling down with me and having kids.. constantly! I'm refusing to even go back with him, yet he won't get the idea of us "having a family and being grandparents some day and spoiling our grandkids" out of his head?

Is this normal for a guy?

Why would he just not accept the fact that I'm not going back to him.. and that he messed up?!

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Sorry, I meant with a girl he's not even with.. but every time I talk, he brings it up. It's not just like a one conversation thing.. It's EVERY conversation (I'm not kidding).. I don't even see girls talk about it every day.. but he does.


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  • I put not it's not weird, because the question is, Is it weird for a guy to talk more about "family" than a girl does." And no that's not weird.

    Now, I will be happy to explain how it is weird in this case. It's simple. You aren't his girlfriend, or even fiance. If that was the case then it isn't weird, but in this case it is really weird. You don't like him, you don't want to get back with him. I find it weird he is trying to get back with you after you tell him this stuff. At the same time I find it extremely weird and CREEPY that he is talking about marriage and grand-kids with you when you clearly stated you don't want to be with him. Being clingy and not letting go of a fail relationship is bad enough, but talking about marriage with a girl who openly states she wants nothing to do with him? Come on now. That's just messed up!

    • Alright, so it's okay that I'm a little weirded out and sorry for wording the question incorrectly.

    • That's fine, I just thought I would bring that up because of the other answers.

      And yes, I would be more than weird-ed out if I was you. If a girl was to do this a guy would call her a psycho. So I think it's only fair for me to call him that.

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  • Guys can't want to have kids too? I don't see how that's weird.

  • IM a marriage-minded guy so, to me it's not but seeing that I'm only 18 I guess it is considered weird.

  • I want to settle down and start a family of my own. So I don't think that it is weird at all.

    • @ update. Yeah that is really weird.

    • yeah I think we all want families some day.. even me of course!

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  • I voted not weird guys do dream of having a wife and kids the only thing is is that they need to worry about having a career first. My previous boyfriend wanted to marry and have kids though not with me which is another thing.

    • Sound like he want a family and with you. He is obsessing over you. Hope he does not retaliate when he come down from which cloud he have his head in and realize you not into him at all.

    • problem is that I used to be, a lot

      he messed that up well and good though for not caring for more than a year.. I had to move on, what else could I do?

      I feel like an evil person, but he can't just expect me to turn on my feelings when he finally decides to have some emotions.. I'm trying to tell him but he won't listen. it just makes me feel worse

      He refuses to believe that he can move on or that he needs to and I feel awful about this