How do you feel about family's exes?

Okay my brother is getting married to this girl..and I hang out with her ex of 2 years...recently broken up for a year she started dating my brother like 4 months after they broke up...and one night me and him hooked up.(as in sex) and she found out and she hates me for absolutely hates me..she started all these rumors sayn that I sleep around and I do drugs and sh*t. Now I understand yeah its her ex..but she claims she wants nothing to do with him and blah blah blah and that she's happily engaged to my brother. But she has also cheated on my brother with this same 5 times..and this was b4 my brother proposed..yeah I know it was wrong for me to sleep with her ex.. but from her past she has done similar I know 2 wrongs don't make a right..but my question is is it still okay for her to be mad at me for it? when in her past she has done the same thing?

but does that excuse the fact she made up a lot of rumors about me when she know they are not true and that she has continues to talk bad about me?


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  • Regardless of what she has done in the past I can understand her being mad at you because of all the guys in the world you have to have sex with her ex? The world ain't that small.

    • Nothing excuses bad behavior... but I can understand why she would do those things...

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