Marriage in England, advice?

Hi guys I'm an Egyptian girl and I have a British boyfriend (he has Egyptian origin but born and lived in England) we arrange to get married and I need to know some details before he come to talk to me family cause I don't want him to get scared or I don't want to expect too much

in Egypt we have something we call "LIST"* we write on it everything girl or boy bought to their apartment

and we also write on it sum on money (girl family estimate it) in case the divorce happened or he left her

I need to know how it's going in England if girl and boy intend to get marry

*in Egypt girl and boy share what to buy like furniture and electrical appliances and such things and boy bring some jawlery for girl unlike her wedding ring all this is what written on this "LIST"


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  • I am middle eastern too and I know what you are talking about. If he has an Egyptian origin then I am sure he has some kind of idea of how it works. My Egyptian friend married a Mexican guy and he was very understanding of her culture. If he loves you then you have nothing to worry about. You should just talk to him about how all of it works before he goes to see your parents. Just prepare him and explain to him what your culture requires as far as marriage is concerned. Even non middle eastern people believe in prenups and stuff like that so its not a big deal. The other stuff like you both buying things for your house is also normal. The only thing that is different is him and his family bringing jewelry for you but I'm sure he knows this stuff and won't have a problem with it. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and I hope it all works out.

    • really thank you for supporting and good that you know what I'm talking about

      this jawlery matter I think it's not a problem

      if you know any egyptian they will tell you how many problem occure when they start talking about "kaima & moakhar" it freak me out from now

      he know about this all as he has his cousins still live in egypt so I think he may understand it

      i hope it all works out inshallah

      wish me luck :D

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