I want to propose to my girlfriend help?

I love my girlfriend Danielle I want to marry her, but I need help here, gold or silver ring? Diamonds? Where should I do it, any suggestions would help me greatly I want this to be a very special night


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  • white gold, with at least 1 carat but you're young so maybe not that much money on a ring? Some where between $100-$500 for a ring right now would be fine. Your wedding band for her can be more expensive like $1000-$1500 and when you have have your 5 year anniversary then maybe a $5000 to $10,000 ring :) I mean ofcourse this is saying that you are poor right now and will be rich later. But if you are rich right now, go ahead and get that $10,000 engagement ring. My friend was a medical doctor when he proposed to his fiance and the ring was over 10 grand. Mine was about $100 because my guy is just a poor computer networker IT guy, and then our wedding bands were a bit more expensive. All white gold, with diamonds ofcourse.

    • thank you, yer I'm pretty poor atm, where should I take her on the night what should I do for her before I ask her?

    • my marriage proposal is not what you think. I can tell you my advice but it is very personal advice. I would say you and her have to talk about it like adults, have a mature talk about marriage, your 5 year future expectations, how you would treat her once she marries you, how you guys will live together, how you both will help to create a marriage, why it would be the best choice for both of you etc. Let her ask you questions so you know she wants to make sure you're real/she trust you. gl

    • we have been together for 4 years, I brought her to live with me when I found out her parents were starving and beating her. she trusts and loves me, we have already been looking for a home, she's lived with me and my family for 2 years and we havnt fought once

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  • Rings... I am sure Every girl is different. But I personally would not want a diamond ring. (even though "diamonds are a girls best friend") Because I like unique things. Me and my boyfriend have talked about if he would want to get me a diamond or not, if he would want to out of tradition or something, and we both agreed that we really like the green stones. And we both prefer silver or white gold. But those are just our personal preferences! Your girl could love yellow gold, and diamonds... I would suggest you ask her what she would like -casually- if you haven't talked about it already. That way you will be sure you get her something she will love.

    Hope this helped a little! Best of luck!

    • she wears nothing but silver/white gold. her godfather ave her a white gold ring for her birthday with a beautiful saphire cut into a heart shape and 2 small dimonds next to it.

  • The best thing to do would be to glance around at jewlery stores or online with her and see what she likes. I'm assuming that the relationship has gotten to an obvious place where you both know that's where its heading so it probably wouldn't surprise her and I'm sure she'd be thrilled. Better to get her input and surprise her with something you've come up with you know she'll like than to guess and it not be a right fit! ha ha :) Hope this helps! Good luck and congrats!

    • thanx. we have been together for 4 years and he's lived with me and my family for 2. we know w want to stay together and that we will and I know without a doubt I love her more than anything I the universe

  • get older, go to college


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  • You're not even 18 and you already want to get married, really? How long have you two been together for?

    • im 18 next month. we have been together for 4 years

  • Getting married at such a young age and before going to college is a Big mistake. That's not an opinion. It's a fact. Research Divorce Rates for people who got married in their teens and early twenties. The rates are High.

    You need to wait.

    If she leaves you because you didn't ask her to married you soon enough, then she didn't love you anyway.

    • i know most of the time it doesn't work, but Danielle is my girl always will be, she keeps to my standards and herown and so do i. she dresses very modestly without going over the top, she's a virgin I'm a virgin, we have been together for 4 years and livd together for two because I brought her to live with my family due to abuse in her family. I have taken care of her always will, and I'm doing a course in computer skills and a few others, she's going to an agriculture college to study for a

    • certificate three in horse husbandary so she can become a horse trainer, and I paid the 10,000 dollars for her to be able to do it because working with horses has lways been a dream of hers. trust me I have thought about this alot. Danielle supports me I support her. I strongly belive that this will work out

  • Don't do it, dude. She's only your first girlfriend.

    • no she isnt, I've had 7 including her, I've been with her longer than any ther girl. I love her

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    • anyway who says she will say yes anyway

    • Who knows. Girls your age have no idea what they want...and when they hit their early 20s they change a lot.

      Just don't go investing all your emotions my friend. Keep one foot behind you so you don't fall flat on your ass.