Has anyone broken off an engagement or left a serious relationship?

I'm trying to break off my engagement. Not in a healthy relationship. Just want to know if anyone else has been in my shoes. Why did you want to end the relationship? How did you move on? Are you still angry with that person? Is it easy to date again?


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  • I've never been engaged but I've broken off a couple of serious long term relationships (roughly 5 years and 3 years). There were a number of different factors contributing to them, but the big thing for me was that it was getting to the point where I really needed to consider marriage and as I was thinking about it, it occurred to me that I really couldn't see my self married to either of them so I decided to call it off rather than lead them on. I have no regrets. I'm actually still really good friends with one of the girls.


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  • yeah.. I had to break off a long term (3 year) relationship.. for the last half of those 6 months.. I went through hell. The guy was an emotional block and nothing I said or did mattered to him. If we fought, he would just be like "okay" .. didn't even bother if I cried (which I did.. a LOT) he would just say 1 word "sorry" and that's all I'd get.. (it wasn't like that at first at all..). Well its one year later and he suddenly wants me back.. he's suddenly "woken up" and has more feelings than me on PMS and won't stop smothering me and telling me he loves me and crap... except it's now more than 1 year later.. and I've moved on. I still care about him tons, but I still remember the hell he put me through and I'm not going back to that ever again. He's just an unstable person.

    • ps: I fell for another guy about 6 months after we broke up.. he ended up cheating on me and hurting me the whole time with another girl. I kind of feel like if this ex of mine hadn't f***ed up so bad.. I would have never even been in that situation with the other guy in my life.. it would have never happened! ..but I guess I had to live and learn and suffer. But, I'm tired of suffering because of them.. gonna be single for a LONG time now.