Girls, when you are "short" and somewhat difficult towards a certain guy?

But you still talk to him and engage in sarcastic banter and arguments with him, what exactly is going on? You just don't like him? Sometimes it feels like she is trying way too hard to put up this shield, because even when I make her smile she won't admit its funny, just lame lol. She has even called me antagonizing, which is funny since she is always criticizing and taking the opposite side on almost everything I say...


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  • LOL, women! No, I do the same thing. Some women build defenses and it's tough to get through them. I know that I personally put shields up especially when I'm being charmed, kind of as a precaution because I am so wary.

    If she's being super short/snippy with you it could mean that she doesn't like you. But if you see her resist showing her amusement, I'd say it's most likely that she does at least find you interesting and may or may not be into you. Either way, I think it will take some work to get past those shields and make her comfortable enough to show some vulnerability.


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