So girls, if you and a guy engage in a sarcastic "back and forth" attitude?

This girl doesn't seem to like me too much. I always try to talk to her and although she is nice, she just seems to be way too short towards me and nothing I do ever makes her laugh (she will smile, but not full on laugh). Today I was asking her about school and how her classes were going (we go to the same school) and she was answering me but she didn't seem to be into the conversation, so I started to give her playful, sarcastic remarks about her classes (being that she was taking easy classes or whatever) and she responded in the same sarcastic way and we went on for a good 10 minutes and this whole time she was looking down and you could just tell she was smiling but trying not to and then at the end she broke out a big smile and walked away (while trying to hide it). She doesn't talk to me the way she talks to others, should I just assume I get on her nerves or something? I guess she is a bit shy, but she never has that extremely sarcastix attitude towards others...


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  • okay, what are you asking?


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