Men would choose modest women for marriage...Is it true?

modest women for marriage or is it a myth?

the question says it all.


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  • its true, I want a women that's all mine, not one that played musical chairs with a bunch of d***s and when the music ended(they were getting old) they ended up on me


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  • Maybe for some men, but you can't live your life assuming that some man in the future would have wanted you to stay 100% pure for him. What if you never meet? What if you just never find someone you like enough to marry? There are just too many unknowns, and you can't live your life under the control over some fantasy guy from the future. Not saying to be a slut, however.

    • i think more men willing to be with a girl in a serious way exist then women think, but after the age of 19 few girls worth committing to exist

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    • i know you don't have control over that but you said its men who are not waiting, and all I said is that's not true, men are just going with the flow. Also the main goal of a male is to get a women and get laid, and now women do not require a man do, or be anything for that to happen. which is why there are so many single moms and divorces now

    • People are definitely looser morally, but not everyone. I think that slutty women and slutty men would be more likely to pair up though than a virgin and a slut. Just because they're in the same frame of mind.