Guys opninons too please- changing his mind and now doesn't believe in marriage wtf??

My Boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 mos. In the beginning, he spoke of marriage, etc. We are both middle aged and agreed we did not want children, but I do believe in marriage. We went through a tough patch in Nov and discussed breaking up, but we got through it and for the last month things are great. Last night out of the blue we started talking about the future and he spoke of a "life partner" and said he didn't believe in marriage/govt sanctioned blah blah. This took me by surprise, because I was clear that I did. I don't know if I should blow it off, we are such a young couple and enjoy the next 6 months with no concern over the future and perhaps discuss the future in 6 months, realize we do not want the same things right now, or let us just see what happens since we have just gotten through a tough time and he may not be as starry eyed as he was in the beginning or maybe he just does not want to marry me. Guys opinions? [Edit Details]


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  • two possibilities come to my mind:

    -earlier, he was telling you what you wanted to hear, but now his true opinion's appearing.

    -he was genuine earlier, but his opinion changed

    either way, it seems you and him might be after different goals now.


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  • Sorry female opinion. He is scared I think and also could be testing you to see how you react. So play cool don't worry about it - act like you could care less about marriage anytime soon. If you push he will pull if you pull (away) he will push towards you. That is what I have read and from my experience when my relationships were intact - it worked like a charm.

    I wouldn't worry about it or take it so seriously. Guys say a lot of things - I think their actions speak louder than anything.