Boyfriend asked me to marry him and I'm not ready, advice?

My boyfriend who I love very much asked me to marry him a couple of days ago.We've been together 18 months and I couldn't be more in love but I'm only 22 and I'm not even sure I believe in marriage.It doesn't mean I don't want to be with him or love him any less but I had to turn him down and how he is really upset and won't speak to me at all.What can I do?


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  • Tell him what you put on here:

    - not sure about marriage

    - feel you're too young to marry or have other things youw ant to do first?

    Just tell him the reasons if you haven't! It might take him some time for these things/points to sink in but if he's understanding you guys should hopefully reach a good resolution.


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  • Give him a little time... he's undoubtedly feeling hurt and rejected right now. When he's ready, it sounds like you guys need to talk about your long-term expectations.

    • I know he has every right to feel that way,I just wish he would realize that I didn't want to hurt him

    • he doesn't have to think your TRYING to hurt him -yo be hurt. for me its worse when its genuine. like saying I don't want to be with u, means less if your only trying to hurt someone. saying it because its true, hurts way more, because its honest.

      he needs time. its not your fault. but he probably feels ashamed. I would feel very uncomfortable & a bit degraded. not because of the guy not wanting me,per se.

      but because I was ready to go the distance &it was not reciprocated. its embarrassing,

    • Its not that I don't want to be with him or that I don't want to commit.I am more than happy to spend the rest of my life with him.I just don't think we need to be married to do that

  • Tell him you need time, talk it out with him and help him understand.

  • Give him time. Let him know that you still are interested in him. Let him know that you need time. Communication is key!

    • Believe me I've been trying but he doesn't wanna know :-(

    • Yeah he's probably really shocked/embarrased/taken aback. give him time and he should speak to you again.. hopefully! :)

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