Changing yourself to have a better future?

Ok my friend, Whos a woman asked me for her help the other day and I had NO clue what to tell her.

Shes 20 now,almost 21 but back in high school she was always known for being a wild card. 15-19 she was simply put a crazy whore. Not whore like desperate but the social dumb chicks. she's calmed down a lot since then but 2 years ago she got engaged to a dude and honestly everyone thought she changed. But a year or so into it she screwed it up. Got up and left and a bunch of lies and drama she realizes she wants him back. she's constantly complaining about how much she hates her life and how miserable she is because of what she did. Honestly I told her to just leave the dude alone because she did some f***ed up sh*t. she's been with like 9+ men the past year she left him.

I just don't know how she can fix it. I knew her since high school. Both in ROTC together. She has a crappy family. Her Mom is a huge whore in both senses of the term and her dad is a bum for the most part. Seriously growing up with that is bound to turn anyone into a low self esteem jackass. she's a really caring chick, she isn't one of those MTV dumb bitches.

She seems really broken about everything. at the point that she has given up on herself. I honestly can't thin of anything she can truly do to change I guess. I feel she needs to see someone because hurting everyone because she's not happy is not healthy.


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