My fiance is being paranoid, advice?

i just recently got engaged and my ex ,who is my best friend and has been my whole life still likes me and wants me but I have no intention of being with him but my fiance dsnt want me near him what should I do?

my ex now has a girlfriend of his own and I'm allowed to see him now and my fiance is getting allong with him now.


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  • Don't worry :) I suppose its natural for him to feel this way, I think almost any man would under the consequences. But its all up to how much Zero trusts you :) I know he really loves you and trusts you a lot, but he cannot help but feel jealous like all men would. When you get married and over time he will just have to get used to your friendship with your ex, and though he may not be comfortable with it he should trust you enough to bear with it :) x


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  • Respect and trust are key. This is where you have to cut the cord. Your ex should understand. If not, you are moving on the right way. You are engaged to someone else now. There is a reason why you are ex's.