What would you say to a guy you slept with and he was your best friend?

so in the end we are both having our distance from each other. we were both not honest with each other. I dated other people and he was on an online dating site. he moved on and I fell for him and we ended up having sex. we haven't talked to each other for a month and yet I still want to talk and so does he otherwise we would not have the same or have the same chat thing between us. I think it's over because he said he liked me at the beginning but he started to see me going out with other guys. and I think because of his pride, he will say no if I propose we try to develop a relationship. and he would like to keep us as friends or that I'm the closest female friend he has but that title really is like punishing me since I have strong feelings for him and to me, we both crossed that line as friends. what would you say to him if you were in my position? I might lose him forever depending on how this conversation goes.


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  • I personally would love to make it more but know where he stands