Well my boyfriend is about to pop the question but I don't know how to react?

He has been giving me clues for a while and I am excited but yet don't know how to react I don't want to scare him either

When I say pop the question is the marriage question and I love him a lot


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  • Well question one- do you love him? (Im assuming he's gonna ask you to marry him? otherwise if its to have sex with you I am COMPLETELY OFF).

    The way you said you don't know how to react, signifies (youre not interested in him as he is in you).

    • I do love him a lot trust me and it's the marriage question I just don't know when he is going to ask me? and if I would react to over excited for him I don't want him to think I can't control my own reactions and I don't want to scare him with my reaction

    • Just don't scream and you won't scare him off :) But if he loves you, any reaction for him, he will love.

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  • There's no issue unless you aren't sure you would say yes. If you aren't sure you need to talk with him about it. Don't let him get that far(proposal) then say no or you're not sure. Also, I REALLY recommend yall taking your time & even looking into pre-marriage counseling to see where you two really are & what you may need to work on/through in order to have a sucessful marriage after the "honeymoon stage" is over. You could discover things you weren't aware of that would let you know you aren't ready to even get engaged, or that you may still want to be engaged, but wait to set a date 'till issues are worked on. Take things VERY seriously--don't let that temporary excitement cloud the reality of real day to day life with each other for the rest of your lifes in good times & in bad.