I think my friend is stealing from me. How should I go about this?

I think my friend is stealing from me. Since she moved in we've had food come up missing.we made it clear we noticed it was disappearing. It stopped for awhile and then we noticed a block of cheese is missing.

We can't really just point fingers because we have no proof that its her other then the fact that its been happening since she moved in

The dumb thing is we had a couple friends stay over the night the cheese came up missing,I think she's gonna point her finger but i know it wasn't them.

I think she takes it to work to eat with her mom for lunch. How should I go about this? Its f***ing pissing me off and she's engaged to my uncle and he'd disown me over something dumb like this even tho they've only been together like 2 months


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  • Well, considering you posted this in the sexuality section, I'd say strip search her & look up her snatch! :) LOL (I'm know I'm being a smart *ss--couldn't pass that one up!)

  • You can try setting up hidden cameras to catch her in the act, but that can be a bit expensive, depending on what kind of camera you get.

    You can also consider moving, or kicking her out, if you have ownership over the place.

    Btw, if you are living together, is it kind of assumed that you will be sharing SOME food? Or was there some other agreement made?

    • Yea she eats our food but she's also taking boxed meals and blocks of cheese without permission lol

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