Do I still have a chance to get him back? Guys! explain this can you solve this for me?

my boyfriend dumped me last week, not for another girl he didn't cheat. he just didn't want the commitment leveled relationship I wanted anymore. he has become too focused on work, and that's all he wants to do we have been having problems for a while now fighting, but it got better over the last month, we were together for 2 years.

after he breaks up with me 3 days later he pops up at my work with his mates knowing I was working. later that night he texts me that its going to be really hard to get over me, and that he is really sorry and that I am amazing he never deserved me he realizes how much of a an a**hole he was too me, and that he has never felt this depressed and wanted to catch up for lunch

he did it to say sorry for coming in, and to let me know that this breakup is hard for him, I told him we couldn't meet up if he just wanted to talk because its too hard and I want more than just to talk I want to be together again. and he thinks it won't work cause I want marriage and he isn't sure.

he is 26 I am a almost 22.

do I still have a chance to get him back, I love him dearly and I know I mean the world to him?


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  • At 22, thinking about marriage will put you right in this situation. Slow down.


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  • Just go back to being your sweet self, and for goodness sake DO NOT stampede marriage.


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  • the fact you think he's too focused on work , mens you guys are not compatible. the issue isn't him leaving. the issue is you guys are in two completely different relationships. he's busy working,. yo can't decide its too much. work is what he's doing right now.

    if a committed dedicated relationship is what you want- get someone else..

    hes married to his work right now. if you want to be with him, it will be as his mistress.

    he should leave you alone. he's being a baby. he broke up with you he should respect you enough to honor that. you need time to move on.

    just don't start sleeping with him, while he's 'deciding' whether he wants you or not-- like 30,000 other people on this site..

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