Black women & Asian men lowest on marriage pole?

Studies have shown that black woman & Asian men are the two races that are the least likely to be married. Based on research, the lowest number of a certain race being married were black females and Asian males. I heard this on a radio show. Why do you think that is? Since basically bi-racial dating/marriage is not taboo anymore, maybe that could change?


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  • This is ridiculously easy to answer.

    Asian men = Highest population of men on the planet. They are also usually only sought after by Asian women. Asian women however are sought after by EVERYBODY and are OK with marrying outside their race. So its only natural that they would have a higher rate of being unmarried.

    Black Women = a small portion of the population but are really only sought after by black men and for the most part, only like black men. Black Men however are sought after by everybody and also seek other women besides black females.

    So if you look at it like that, its pretty easy to see why the results were as they were.


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  • There is an interesting and controversial essay on this matter, titled "Is Love Colorblind?" by Steve Sailer.

  • I think its because people find those two groups of people the least attractive.

    • ehhh I don't know about is in the eye of the beholder. the only thing I can think of for black women is that most that went to my school have attitude's and can be mouthy...

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