Our past is full of bad and good...like a marriage. is there anything I can do?

i'm doing no contact with my ex who I want to be back with. the problem is we have so much history... a lot of it is good, but a lot is also bad. 8 years of it. I feel that if we both forgive one another and ourselves, we can move forward, but he's lost the desire to do that. I've done some things that he may not be able to put past him. he's also told me he knows I will hold grudges against him and bring up old times when he messed up. I understand why he thinks that because I've done it in the past, but I realize it helped nothing. I want to prove to him that I want to forgive and forget. how can I do that? I'm getting squirmy with the no contact thing because I'm worried he will find someone else that he can have a clean slate with. I know worrying and jealousy is useless and that if we're meant to be, we're meant to be and blah blah, but I also don't want to give up on our relationship even though he may have already. should I keep up with the no contact?

i need direction/ guidance... something from someone with experience!


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  • usually guys like to start over on a clean slate. they think it would be so much easier.

    that being said

    he's had a lot of history with you and possibly other girls so the future girl will have that in mind also, even if there is a 'clean slate'.

    relationships aren't that simple.

    sometimes no contact is best, you pre occupy your time with time for yourself so that you prioritize things a bit.

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