I think I want to marry her?

Okay, my girlfriend and I have been together awhile, and things have gone extremely well. We were friends before we ever started dating, so when we "fell" into a relationship, it just felt natural, and we were already past that early nervousness and awkwardness that sometimes occurs with new couples. Honestly, we're both really committed to this and to each other.

I want to marry her (and I'm pretty sure she'll say yes), but we've each got two more years of school, so I don't want to get married until we're out of school and financially capable of being in a marriage. With that said, should I still propose before this, with the intention of having a slightly long engagement, or should the engagement wait until we're closer to being able to get married? I know the engagement is really just a stage, but I'm not sure if there is a protocol for this type of thing.


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  • i think you should do it now.

  • I say ask her now, a long engagement is actually very common these days.Myself and my guy have been engaged four years and are getting married November 2nd. Best of luck to you both


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