He's ashamed of the ring I got him that he asked for, advice?

my boyfriend and I plan on getting engaged once I'm done with college so for the meantime he got me a promise ring and decided he wanted one in return. I warned him his buds would probably make fun of him and he said that didn't matter he liked the idea of wearing a ring and being "claimed" by me and he actually really liked his ring at first but now he's being teased a little at work and he complained about it and told me he regretted the ring.

My feelings are REALLY hurt. would I be crazy if I expressed how upset I am? what should I do? why can't he man up and face his dumb work friends


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  • He's a man we only tell you what you want to hear you're supposed to know what the outcome was going to be and the only reason he doesn't face his friends is because his manhood is then questioned

    • tell me what I want to hear? uh he's the one that begged for the ring and telling me he's ashamed of the ring isn't exactly what I want to hear.

      The fact that he can't stand up to his friends or even handle the jokes makes me question his manhood.

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    • so I'm supposed to swallow my feelings and act all cheery to spare his feelings?

    • @He's a man we only tell you what you want to hear you're supposed to...__What the hell are you talking about.

      An adult, says what she/he means, and holds no one but themselves responsible for their actions. If you find you lack reason, & accountability-always blaming others- you shouldn't be in a relationship.

      SHES supposed to 1. Know he's lying? 2 Ascertain the consequences of HIS actions?

      Thats not a bf-thats a baby. Parents are respnsabe,as babies lack accountability & communication skills.

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  • Girl, he's is a man. I can see how you can be upset especially since he wanted it. But I don't think he realized how much teasing he would get. Guys can be pretty harsh with one another trust me. I'm around guys at work all the time and boy do they tease the crap out of one another. I see them blush all the time and I know some of them really get upset but in order to reamin MEN then don't say anything so its probably easier for him to let you know about the ring than it is for him to tell them to shut their trap. He trusts you and feel comfortable enought to tell you. Try to be undestanding or compromise with him. Let him know taht at work no ring but when he's with you or not working ring must come on. I say that's fair right? Cut him a little slack...My feelings would be hurt too but I would try to put myself in his shoes for a bit. Getting teased all teh time isn't fun or funny after a while.