What can I do to get my boyfriend to propose?!?!

What can I do to get my boyfriend to propose?!?! I know he wants to, he tells me all the time, but we have been together for 5 years and nothing! What can I do to get him to do it sooner rather than later?!?


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  • The "I am going to leave you if you don't marry me ultimatum," is the best method I know. If he loves you he'll marry you and if not... you are better off moving on and looking for someone more willing to marry.

    Be careful though... he may not marry because he doesn't have his career on track and he wants to accomplish certain things before marrying.

    So do the ultimatum and avoid getting strung along for the next plus 5 years only to get dumped for a younger fresher version that he (surprise surprise) wants to get married to.


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  • show him how good you can cook


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  • Whatever you do, don't give hin an ultimatum about it. One of two things will happen-he'll either do it and then resent you for forcing him into it or not do it just in spite of your ultimatum. If you've already discussed it with him and know he wants to, then he's probably just waiting on the right time. He may not feel financially stable enough for marriage or he may be planning out the perfect scenario for it our something. You already know he wants to spend the rest of his life with you (assuming that you believe what he said about wanting to propose to you) so just have some patience.

    • If he is financiall stable. Give him a year tops. I don't think its a bad thing to make him know that you expect real commitment. Whatever you do... simply don't let him to string you along for years without end.

  • I think you should just talk to him about. I know it not as romantic but at least you'll know when he sees himself being married.