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Hey I know its cheezy to ask online but please hear me out ...Me and my girl has been together 2 years and a half I'm 20 and she 19,I know...young...but I'm ready for it.Now listen, I have practiced a few times to see how my plan goes by trying to surprise her with a gift every now and then...they all fail in an embarrising way and I really don't want to Fuck up on a proposal...she already agreed that she would marry me and I already planned to spend a grand on the ring.She is a real romantic type of girl,very sensitive Puerto Rican...I want to get some fresh idea's to combine and use with my creative mind...PLEASE HELP!


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  • My fiance and I got engaged on new years eve last year, and it was amazing. After the ball dropped he pulled me aside, to a place where we were all by ourselves. At first he just kissed me and said he loved me, and then he got to one knee told me everything he loved about me opened the box and asked. It was so romantic because it was so personal. I cried. : ) Guys don't understand that romantic girls don't need elaborate proposals...ring in the champagne, mariochee band, banner in the sky saying "marry me." While all of those a cool ideas, romantic girls like it when its personal. Be yourself, let your love for her show. That's how it is special and romantic. She'll be happy either way I'm sure...hope that helped!

  • Find somewhere that's very special to both of you - where you first met, first kiss, etc... and propose there. I agree. Make it very intimate and personal.


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