Virgin boy wanting to get married but?

hello from a place where usually big brothers and sisters get married first. Now my sister is 28 but still is not married. Now I can not (read it as Should Not) talk about my marriage. I am 24 BUT virgin and wanna get married since I do job and earn good. I am one woman man and don't like to have sex with any woman I see. What should I do?


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  • start setting your sister up

    • thanx for the idea, sister ;)

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  • Is it simply usual, or is it strictly enforced?

    I suspect its unusual your sister is not married? What's going on with that?

    Do you have a specific girl in mind, or just feel you are ready to take on the responsibility and pleasures of marriage?

    • Certainly not enforced, but there are somethings which better left unsaid. This is one of them. I am 24 and VIRGIN, so in a way I want pleasure of marriage as well. But I am certain that I am able / ready to take the responsibility as well.

  • I highly doubt that your sister will get married anytime soon.. This is a phenomenon that has been on the rise. My advice is that you should let your older sister's single status affect your decision to marry...
    In fact you getting married before your sister will encourage and motivate her to get married.. I would advice for you to look for a suitable husband for your older sister and then ask her if she wants him.. Make sure she gets married within two years after you.

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