How to solve a case of cold feet..

Before I begin I want to say that I don't want responses saying that I'm too young to be getting married ect I'm 16 years old and it is my choice. We set the date for the 25th of this month and iv been fine till today all of the sudden I'm very nervous. I don't know how to get rid of it, any advice?


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  • Congrats :))

    Snuggle into your boyfriend's chest and hug him tightly, and when we feel warm enough you'll know that you took the right decision and that he is the one who's going to make you happy all your life. :)


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  • well what's the problem? why are you nervous?

  • It would be more strange if you weren't nervous. This is a really big thing (the rest of your life!) so being a little scared makes sense. As long as you're sure he's the right guy and you're not making a mistake, enjoy it.