Am I waiting too long to get married, or are all my friends getting married too soon??

I am in graduate school. I am 26 years old. I am working on a doctorate.

I just met my favorite girl in the world. Unfortunately, she is graduating this semester and moving away for graduate school. This reminds me of the two times that I left a girl behind to move away and go to graduate school. It makes me wonder, should I have gotten married?

I am at the point where about 80% of my high school friends my age are married, and about 60% of my college friends are married. I am trying to wait for the right girl. Basically, am I going to wait forever? Is it bad that I am waiting to finish school to get married?

I am the only doctoral candidate in my program who is single.

p.s. I don't want to get divorced, I want to do it right the first time.

I say this, because many of the high school friends, about 30% are currently divorced or going through a divorce.

I think my standards are just too high right now.

I imagine when I start being gainfully employed my standards will no longer be too high.


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  • The only way you can make sure that you have no regrets, is to marry the first person. Don't settle if you know there is someone else out there who's better for you. I don't think you should rush to get married. Wait until you've finished your doctorate, you have a career and are financially stable, 'cause as sad as it is, those can be huge stressors on a relationship (money, a stable location, etc.). Like you said, a huge fraction of your "married" friends are already getting divorced because they didn't wait for a)the right person, or b)the right time. Good luck! There's someone incredible out there waiting for you!

  • I say just get married, I hope I meet someone to marry before or during law school

    • so law school is a 3 year program?

      *i am not really sure

      Do you think you will both find the love of your life, and spend enough time with them to know FOR SURE they are the love of your life in whatever time is left?

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