Girls,where do you expect your guy to propose you.....?

Do you have some places that you aim for him to propose you...?


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  • I don't think it has to be a special place... the "right" moment or mood is much more important for me.

    Something like... just an ordinary day, after a long day at work...we going to bed together, both exhausted...and we are just holding each other, it's quite... we just enjoy the others presence... and then he just say "marry me" or something like that...

    I got the first "I love you" in a situation like that... and I still think it was the most amazing thing.


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  • We already gotta buy them an over priced rock. I hope they don't have expensive places in mind.

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    • It's nice to know someone thinks that. I mean I get that girls like jewelry and the ring is kind of like a symbol, but c'mon there are some practical things I could do with that money I spent on your ring. Honeymoon, money towards a house, money for a future family, etc.

    • I hear ya on the diamond thing but I'll tell you I changed my mind. It's a huge symbolic symbol you send to your lady and other people will realize she's with you too.

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  • Near some natural has to be original

  • Thats for me to know and him to fine out! LOL

  • Outside by water would be super romantic. (:

    • How great it would be=D

      btw nice profile pic;)

    • Haha yeah. But that would require me having a serious boyfriend first. Le sigh!

      Ooh, thank you. <3

    • you would get one soon don't worry=D

      welcome : )

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