Do you feel the emails, texts you send are or should be kept private?

this is in reference to weaponzeros question on privacy 3 mos brother emails me from work and I told him something I was keeping quiet for a while. after six months of discussing this, I mentioned something personal of his and he informed me his emails could be read by his family. as adults, do we really have to say, keep this private? esp when you tell them no one else knows. as adults, do we really have no privacy even in marriage? (my husband was the first to know but when I tell my brother something, am I automatically telling his wife and kids?)

my brother has been very supportive of me and I have no issue if he wants to disclose his emails to his wife. he should have told me, though, six months ago.


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  • Privacy is one of our basic human rights and it must be respected even in marriage. To not respect one's right to privacy is to not treat them as a decent human being.

    Interestingly enough since I originally posted that question, my girlfriend of two months went snooping through my phone contacts and wrote down the phone numbers to all the contacts with female names. One of which was my financial aid counselor from school, one of which was a girl whose number I only saved because last semester we were assigned to work on a project together, and one of which was a co-worker. She started calling all these people to interrogate them. Needless to say I'm now single again.

    • I hope to get the discussion going again and hear other's views on this. your ? hit a nerve because it had just happened to me, the person whose privacy should have been respected. I should know if I'm speaking to an audience. thanks and sorry to hear that. women get red flags when we feel left out of something. trust takes a long time to build but no time to break.

    • I would never end my marriage over my personal privacy but have asked my husband not to read my emails since those people are writing to me. I respect their privacy and expect them to respect mine. I share emails with him that aren't personal and ones that include him. I thought you posed a great question and can't believe we haven't garnered any interest in a debate.

    • I think most of the people who had something to say on this subject said it in my question, sorry =/ there were some people though where a long debate followed in the comments to their questions

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  • I agree to an extent. I think it depends on what the big secret was. I mean if has nothing to do with his wife. I see no harm in talking to her about it maybe he wanted her insight on it. He should of probably asked you first though.

    • The secret was that I'm writing a book. the point is, he shouldve told me then that his emails were being read by his family.

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