How did you meet your husband or wife? How did you know they were the one?

I am starting to think a bit about marriage and "the one" and I was wondering who on this site is married and how did they meet their husband/wife and how did they know they were the one?

Can't wait to hear all the stories!


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  • College. I had my head in the books working hard one sunny day. Then a pretty girl wearing shorts came up and started talking to me. Asked me about my classes or some such and what I was up to, and seemed generally interested in me.

    Later on, I figured out she actually just wanted to cheat off me in one of my classes, or at least use me as a tool to succeed in it (she really didn't have a chance without help...). I was honored that someone would go to so much trouble to cheat! So I helped her out all through the course, tutoring her in my own style. We hung out, had fun, and shared stories.

    A relationship started... that eventually resulted in marriage.

    It was a long, hard road. That is a massive story in itself.

    It was until years AFTER we were married that I knew that "she was the one." I courageously went through my own wedding not knowing this -- I had a goal, which was her, and I wanted to get it. I didn't really believe in the whole "the one" philosophy - it seems like a crock.

    But as it turns out, sometimes married people wonder what would happen if anything happened to their spouses. What would they do? How would they continue? Would they marry again? When I realized I couldn't continue and probably would never love again or ever remarry, I knew she was "the one."

    The one is the only person you will ever want, and the only person you don't feel life is worth living without.

  • Through her brother (my friend) at a bar.. Ya she was the one and we were great and I still love her to this day! But oh ya, she dumped me and moved on. Awesome.


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