Were not together but won't sign the divorce papers?

My "wife" (only in a paper sense) and I have be seperated for 2 years ,physically and emotionally,but every time I go to make it final she either drags her feet or simply refuses to let it got through...but I talk to her about it and she refuses to tell me why.

We both a currently are in relationships ...but I have a funny feeling she was extremely hurt when I started dating my girlfriend...which doesn't make any sense since she was the one who ended it all...


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  • This is exactly why I don't want to get married. Contact a lawyer that's in this field and ask if he can help. It's possible to get a divorce with only one person as long as the judge hears your appeal and decides so.

    • if you get marriged do it later in life...when you have experienced everything that you want to...it is possible to divorce with only one person...but that process is long and drawn out and expensive...this is a simple matter of signing a paper...and weridly enough she benifits( I've agreed to all her terms in everyway) from just signing and being done with it...my lawyer has simply said that there is probably an emotional reason why she's not signing ...which is harder to deal with

    • In that case, I believe you're right. There is likely an emotional reason behind it.