What is the point of marriage? and who believes in it?

if you know me, you would know that I'm pretty much against marriage. but I just wanna hear what is the point of it? when you love a person do you really have to commit yourself to him/her that deeply? I think just loving a person is enough to get things done in life, I mean think doing things for that person because you love him/her is what makes love fun while marriage makes it seems like YOU HAVE TO DO IT. I also believe that marriage interferes with one of the top most important element in human life and that is FREEDOM. plus if marriage fails, you extremely well that you can't get out of it healthy. so I just want to know what exactly is the point of it? am I missing something?

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  • I don't aspire to get married. I think if you can have a successful, long-term relationship minus the official certificate, that'd be a lot more meaningful than a marriage. not to say that marriages can't be meaningful, I just think the concept of binding people together with a piece of paper is rather silly.


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  • Personally, I don't really care about a piece of paper stating that I will love someone forever-if I love someone, then I assume it will be forever automatically. That being said, my boyfriend is religious and he truly believes in the sanctity of marriage and treating it as a respected institution. I respect his belief in it and I love him so one day, we will get married to satisfy his beliefs even though I don't need that piece of paper to satisfy me. So I think a lot of the time, marriage is kind of a compromise between partners, showing that one respects the others beliefs enough to do something they don't necessarily agree with themselves because they love them. (Normally this is the opposite way-the guy marrying the girl to satisfy her instead).

  • marriage is lovley!

  • I wonder this too. I guess, it's like an extra link that you're going to try extra hard to keep that bond secure. I mean, love takes work. If you bail the first time it gets hard, no relationship will stay intact. The "fun" part of love is easy, the "hard" part of love is well, hard. So, I guess marriage is vowing that you love someone, not just lust for them/like doing fun stuff together. It's a vow to be there for them, even when it sucks.


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  • sex whenever you want...and its basically like you share everything with that person...it takes a MAN to get married though...plus you don't want some1's stick up the mother of your children and 1 of the best ways to not have your women from cheating is to put a ring on her finger

  • If you want to raise children properly it is essential. If for nothing else it is the ideal enviorment for child raising. Two people who are commited to each other and complete each other. It is a beautiful thing. Having children is a next step. It is like a partnership in bussiness because you share all your assets, making it easier for finacial trust to occur and for resources to be used for raising the child. This way it is harder for people (expecially men) to just back out, leave the mother in the sh*t and go off and abandon the family.

    • weird! cause I got friends that grew up with married parents yet they are still "problem child" type of people

    • Ye this happens a lot in our society. At the same time I look at the happiest people I know and they have a very close family and their mother and father a very sweet and loving. Also it is paramount to success in life. One of my best friends had a father and mother who hated each other and always fought but they still raised him well. Now he is studying Economics in Oxford. I think there are some leasons only a father can teach, and some leasons only a mother can teach. That is why you need both

  • it's basically for security. A marriage is the only way to have a strong family structure. Moreover, you need the family for security. When you are old you will need a wife and children to help you. I use to be like you until I saw my grandfather. He was extremely sick and was unable to help himself. He relied heavily on his children and his wife.