Does this mean he is thinking about engagement?

I asked my boyfriend of one year what the rules are on bringing each other to holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas). He responded "when we get engaged, we'll take each other to holidays with our family."

This is the same guy who told me he does not believe in marriage (rather, he believes in staying exclusive without a legal document).

I do not want to ask him if he is planning on proposing to me, as I want to be patient and let him do it on his own.

I am just very confused, as I had no idea he even believed in being engaged. A part of me got very giddy inside from his use of the word "when" and not "IF."

So am I just over-analyzing this?


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  • You are over analyzing it. I suggest you stop thinking about it. If he asks you, he asks, and if he doesn't he doesn't.

    Just enjoy the time you have with him.

    • Agreed. He could have meant "We'll never be doing holidays at each others families... we'll do it when pigs fly... we'll do it when we're engaged. ie. Never"

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    • On a role with this answer. The users I admire are agreeing. =D

    • "We'll do it when pigs fly"

      Weird. Never thought of it that way. Now I am beyond paranoid.