This question goes out to all the happily married people

every time I date someone there's always something that just isn't quite normal or how I really want them to be. Ya know? there's a girl I kinda like, but she blows things way too out of proportion and gets frustrated very easily. There was another girl that I dated but she had all kinds of disorders and phobias, she was nearly crazy.

Anyway, I'm starting to understand that I could be the very same way in their eyes. If I try to call them out, telling them they are a little crazy, I'll be a hippocrate in their perspective.

So I used to just dump people like them. Just forget about them and move on. What I'm starting to realize is that I have to accept the bad with the good when I meet a amazing woman.

My question for you is, did you have to break down your own barriers to become committed to your significant other? Are there things that you just have to not bring up with them and just deal with?

... hope that makes enough sense


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  • Looks like I'm first so here goes: it sounds to me like you may have unrealistic expectations of the women in your life. No one is perfect, not even you. I wonder if you go into this looking for problems instead of looking for opportunities. It also sounds like, given that you use the term "call them out," that you are pretty tactless with how you approach differences and preferences. Try to find the good and let the little annoying stuff go for a bit. When it's time to address something, put yourself in their place and ask yourself how would you like to hear this issue depicted. Test it on a lady friend. A little tact can be a major lubricant for relationships.


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