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I am married to this guy now, but before we got married he asked his sister for permission to move his girlfriend in with him. He was living with his sister. So, I explained to him that his sister was wrong to move his woman in her apartment knowing that he and I were going to get married. I told him that his sister was wrong for that and there is nothing else she could tell me. He said that I am wrong, what else was his sister suppose to say and he is her brother? I beleive that she should not have allowed that when he was planning to marry me. I do not deal with the sister anymore or accept any of her phone calls, but he say that I am wrong and I should not do his sister that way. AM I WRONG?


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  • Wait, I'm confused, this is what I think you're before you guys got married and were engaged, your fiancĂ© had his girlfriend (now is this just a friend that is a girl or a girl that he was also dating behind your back?)move in with him and his sister. Now you are mad at his sister for allowing him to have that girl move into their place? Just wanted to make sure that this is correct. Well I say that it's he who you should be upset at and not really his sister! Yeah maybe she is wrong for allowing this but you never know how it really went down unless you talk with her one on one. I would be pissed at her but at the same time she is not the one that you're in a relationship with! I say first find out her side of the story and then see how to go about the situation. If she was completely cool with it then just keep an eye out on her and know that you can't trust her. However, if she was just the man in the middle and felt like she couldn't do anything about it then give her another chance. But I would definitely have keep an eye out on your now husband...he seems suspect!

    • This woman that he moved in his sister apartment is a woman that he was involved with that he claim that he was no longer with. But, as soon as we would get into it she would be the one he run back to. His sister knew what he was doing knowing that he and I was getting married she had women in her apartment behind my back and we were cool. She was even in my wedding as a bridemaid.Brother or no brother she should have stayed out of it and told her brother not to involve her in what he was doing.

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  • Your question makes no sense.

    It sounds like

    1: You had a fiance (now your husband).

    2: He was living with his sister

    3: He had a girlfriend (whilst engaged to you?) move in with him and his sister

    4: You're mad at his sister for letting him let her move in.

    If that's correct, than his sister is the only person you CAN'T be mad at.

    Be mad at you're now husband for cheating on you. Be mad at yourself for not standing up to him more (or even asking him to move out). But don't be mad at his sister? She has no role or blame in what her brother does in his sex life.


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  • I agree with Anon... You are not in a committed relationship with his sister, and its not up to you to decide who she can, or cannot have in her house or what she does under her own roof. If the sister and this girlfriend (I do hope you mean ex-girlfriend...) have a friendship, then of course she will want to take her in and help her out.

    Your boyfriend on the other hand is the one you should be focusing your energy on... Id let him know I find it inappropriate and would feel more comfortable if he moved in with you or a friend, or what haveyou until you marry. I'm guessing since you plan to marry there are already plans in place for the two of you to live together as a couple maybe suggest moving ahead with those plans and live together even if for a little bit before the big day.

    He should be able to understand and be sensitive to your feelings and find a solution to this.

  • Nope, I'd be pist too. My fiance would not be living in a house with his ex, I don't care if it was his choice or not, he would fix the stituation or I would be gone. Yeah, his sister does have the right to move who ever she wants into her house but I still think it was disrespectful as hell. And if he doesn't do something about it, either have his sister boot her out or him move out, I wouldn't stick around because now he is being disrespectful too. And yeah, it is his sister so you can't expect him to hold a grudge or anything but he does need to take care of the situation now. I wouldn't answer her calls or talk to her either, like I said, disrespectful, why would you talk to someone who disrespected you like that?

    How would your man like it if you were living with your brother and he moved your ex in? Your man wouldn't llike it at all and he would react exactly the same way.

    • Thank you for your honest response. When my husband and I talk about this

      he tell me that everyone who he explains this to say that I am Fucked up, and

      stupid. That I need to just get over it.

    • You aren't f***ed up and it's not something you get over, it's something that needs fixed. I wouldn't deal with it. Good luck!!

    • Thank you for your advice, God bless!

  • No but you are blaming the wrong person... why was he asking to move is girlfriend in with them if he was marrying you?

    • Because, he said the ex needed somewhere to stay and that he needed her vehicle to get back and forward to work. We got married, but he left me two weeks later to go back to that same woman so now I am finished with him. As soon as I get the money I will file for a divorce.

    • Good for you!!! that's ridiculous normally you don't give a rats ass what happens to your ex and normally if you do there is still something there... you deserve better he sounds dumb,,, no offense but you know he is. :) I'm proud of you.

    • Thank you so much for your help, God bless you.