Girls, how would you like to be proposed to?

And guys, how would you prefer to pop the question?

I'm Just curious! Today my best friend and I were talking and neither of us like to be the center of attention, so we agreed that we'd get super embarrassed if the guy made a huge scene about it in front of a bunch of strangers.

What do you think? Private or public? :D


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  • I actually wouldn't mind it in public or in private. I think after we've made love, cuddling in front of the fireplace with a cup of hot choco and finding the ring connected to my cup or something would be very sweet and endearing -- no, that's not my "dream" since I was four... I just came up with something. But then if he proposed to me at a nice restaurant or even after we just got off of a scary roller coaster at a theme park, that would also be unforgettable for me! (I'm new to roller coaster and still getting used to them -- don't judge me!) But these are just things that I came up with :D hope you like!

    • Those are cute scenarios! :) I like the idea of a casual proposal, but my dad took it a little TOO far... he told my mom that since they were living together anyways why not just make their taxes easier. XD That's romantic.

    • LMAO! I don't think I would mind that either xD I like funny-ness! And thank you! I reread my answer and I feel like such a "hollywood cliche love movie, chick flick proposal"

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  • Give her a balloon on a date make sure to carry it around with her all day, then as the sun goes down, tell her I wanted to see how comfortable she felt carry it around with her, then burst the balloon to reveal the ring.

    Followed by the usual on knee spiel.

    • Saw that done on Youtube once... just make sure she doesn't let go of it! :)

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    • XD It was slightly different. The guy gave her the balloon then immediately got down on his knee. In her excitement she jumped into his arms and let go of the balloon! Actually I would probably like the 'in her sleep' idea. I love surprises! Hahaha.

    • The ring when she is sleep has been done, in a movie.

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  • Im a sad full blown romance loving girl. But I don't really care how or where, just as long as it's with 'him'.. I want it to be the guy who makes everything OK when he kisses me, the one who keeps me safe when he holds me, though I would find it cute if one day he gives me a single red rose in the morning, a single red rose in the afternoon and cuddled up together in the evening he would give me my last red rose withour names cut into the stem, he would pick away the petals one by one telling me memories he will never forget to reveal a note saying,'i love you forever' and as I read the note he would get the ring out of his pocket and would put it on my finger when I finished reading... He would kiss me as ask if I would be his for eternity..and I would look into his eyes happy tears rolling down my face and tell him 'yes'..

    • This needs to be in a motion picture somewhere.

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