How do I know if he's thinking about marriage?

My boyfriend and I are very young, we're both in college. He told me a while ago that he would never get serious with a girl who he didn't think he could marry someday. Well, we're pretty serious, he's told me he loves me, and he's admitted that it's a possibility we could get married someday. On Christmas he said "I hope to be with you for many Christmases after this", and every time I get my period he pretends to be upset and says "No babies this time?" We talk a lot about marriage in general, but not related to each other. We've been through a lot together and I can't imagine my life without him, even when I'm really pissed off at him. One time when I talked about me wanting to have kids someday, he thought I was referring to us having kids, and he was disappointed when I said I meant only me. Then I asked, "well do you want to have kids with me?" and he said "I don't know maybe someday." We've only been dating for like 4 months, so it's hard to tell, but in college you basically spend every day together. How do I find out if he's seriously considering me for marriage? I think it would be nice although I know we are too young to get married now...if I were to marry him it would be years from now.


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  • You won't know if he is thinking about marriage unless he talks about it in some way. Good luck.


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