Working woman and getting married?

A bit worried about getting married.. don't know what to do. I'm a career focused woman but have this fear I'll be taken for a ride wen I'm married next yr..what can I do to save myself from a 'gold-digging guy' I'm sorry sounds harsh :S


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  • Wait. Are you telling us your fiancee is a "gold digging guy"? Why are you marrying him?

    • actually.. are there ways you can tell if a guy is a gold digger :s.. basically he wants me to carrying on working and he hasn't got a job but he's 'working towards it' despite us loving each other etc I just have this little fear wer I feel may take me for a ride.. but can't quite tell :S

    • Well, if he doesn't have a job it might be just a touch retarded for you to quit yours, no?

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  • Ask for a Pre-nup?

    This is a hard situation to tell if he's a gold digger (I read above). I guess you need to weigh your knowledge of him and his behavior . Ask yourself, is the reason he's unemployed not his fault? Has he been a hard worker in the past?

    I'd say if your gut is telling you to be weary, you should follow it.

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