With a guy but got strong feelings for another guy?

I have had this issue for many years now. I thought the feelings would go away after like 2 years but didn't. So I recently just got married and I just want to say I am very faithful and I would never ever cheat! There's this guy that I met a few years ago right when I started dating the guy I just now married. He was always friendly to me and my boyfriend for years. They're both friends and worked together for years. So over the years I started to see him look at me and smile while riding down the street and wave. He even held doors for me and the guy I just married and talked to us about our problems. My boyfriend at the time was very jealous and thought that I liked him and I said no I don't. I didn't lie but as time went by I kinda like developed these feelings not that I wanted to because I didn't want to or try to or mean to at all, This is not my intentions at all. I thought my feelings for him would go away but over the 2 years I have been ignoring them they are still the same. Now I would never cheat on the guy I just married because I am very faithful. But I had a thought and a question should I tell the other guy my problem or would I be considered a cheater if I just explained to him my problem? I absolutely don't want to cheat on my husband so if telling this guy what's going on is cheating then I won't tell him. I just feel like the only way it's going to go away is if I just be honest with this guy and let him know that I'm married and that way I would feel better letting him know that I'm trying to get over this with him instead of keeping it all bottled up. Please don't be mean to me about my problem with a response but I can't help feeling this. And I don't think I should just tell my husband right now because if I can talk to this guy about it because he's friends with both of us and he's an understanding guy, and if I can talk to the other guy about it and get over it then I won't have to hurt my husband and tell him all this. I don't want to hurt my best friend who I love with all my heart. Can I tell this guy because I do know him personally and I know he is honest because we have talked for years and he's talked to me before about a problem and actually helped me.


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  • Nope. Don't talk to the other guy. This would create chaos. Do not do it. He'll start putting energy into getting you to stray. Don't do it. Can I say this enough?


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