Best creative and romantic marriage proposal ideas?

A friend of mine wants to propose to his girlfriend and had asked me for some creative and romantic ideas.

Give me your best, please :)


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  • I would search for a certain setting that was really special to us

    Probably a first date or where we first met or something unique to our relationship.

    I wouldn't do it some where public so everyone can share in the moment.

    But I would do it in private so only we can share in the special moment.

    I think the key here is to find something that is unique to our relationship and make sure that theme carries through wherever we are. Because then only we will know what that special motif represents. =)

    I did a YouTube video where a husband made a movie preview and showed her wife in the theater. I thought it was cute. I could show you if you'd like.


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  • I think I would make a song of some kind on my piano , and sing terribly to it :D

    whatever I would do, I wouldn't do it in a public place -there is too much pressure there I think

    maybe on a trip to somewhere special


    Whatever she does... tell her NOT to do this! lol


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  • I think it'd be cute if they were in a really pretty, secluded place out in nature like on a hike or something and he did it there. OR I always like the idea of hiding the ring in food somehow ha ha I think that's funny and cute and a reallllly good surprise! Or maybe like...the two of them get in the car and beforehand he tapes "Will you marry me?" onto that thing you pull down to keep the sun out of your eyes ...maybe not exactly this scenario ha ha but something like it!

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