This is my first sincere love..I don't want to lose her. Please help me out?

Hi..I need some love tips...its urgent...please help me out...I'm in love with my girl.I don't know when to propose her.My Question is shall I share about ma love with my friends before I propose her?will it cause any problems for me?Because my friends may accidentally tell about my love with her so that it may cause some problems.So please help me out...also wen shall I propose her? I invited her to my home.Suggest me How to welcome, treat her.please its urgent..


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  • How long have you been dating her? If you feel like you love her, and you think it is mutual, then you can tell her yourself. Take her out to dinner..a romantic place..and perhaps when you are about to leave, or when you get home, tell her.

    • Dating?Not yet started...I'm just trying to speak with her.that means we are trying to know each other through Mobile...I don't know what is in her mind? ..This weekend somehow I managed to invite her to my home.She doesn't like to go out, that is her nature.She came out only for the reunion..pleas help me..

    • Just talk to her. Get to know her. And, tell her you are interested in her.

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