Blind Marriage: good or bad?

my situation is odd and I know some won't understand but I'm going to marry this 22 year old women I'm 19 and I met her on plenty of fish dating sitr. We both share common goals and we want a family. Om in the military and I'm leaving for germany soon and we just met but we click so well and both of us want to settle down. Is this a mistake? Its a time issue and its not everday I meet a mature goal oriented and family oriented woman that's ready to settle down like her. What should I do?


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  • I agree with the other reply. It's not a good idea to jump into marriage. Once kids get involved, its not as easy to leave when/ if you realize that she wasn't your true match. You should get to know each other as friends and partners. You should be more familiar with her habits and your reactions to her habits. I know people who had successful marriages even though they married young and I know people with the opposite situation. Personally, my attempt at internet connections flopped because knowing someone who not always around was different from having tht person around. I don't know how long you've been dating (outside of talking online or on the phone) but that would be my suggestion, especially since you are young.


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  • You should marry her because you love her...

    It doesn't sound much like you know her. You should take the time for it. I think getting married fast is OK, you just need to be sure of the love you both have for each other.

    Because if you choose to marry her because she's mature, family oriented and you click with may not be enough. I don't understand why you want to marry she coming to Germany with you? If not, how long will you stay away?

    • Yes she's coming with me

    • You should just go and take the time to know more about each other then.

      It will still be time to get married over there ; ).

  • There are plenty of women out there like that. I wouldn't rush into something so binding without knowing for sure.


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