Is he talking about marriage?

Me and my boyfriend have already had sex, just to put that out there lol. We were talking about me moving in with him and he said he wants to go all the way with me and that he had been waiting for me to come into his life. Is he saying he wants to marry me?


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  • yes but I just think he's just exited for now... if he would say this in a few years, I would be more secure

  • Yuck. The guy is addicted to nookie with you and the brain chemicals rushing through him will make him say anything to get more nook from you. I'm 100% serious.

    • I kind of doubt that. He's already told his entire family about me and I'm going to meet them soon lol

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    • 21 and he's 25. I'm not a partier and he's over partying.

    • Good luck to you regardless. You're still kind of young to get married.

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