Promise ring. What does it mean?

My boyfriend gave me a promise ring for Christmas. He said it was to "show his intentions." (Marriage)

So, does this mean he will propose sometime soon or just wants to give himself some time?

He finishes university in June and will be working full time from this year. (I graduated this year)


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  • Oh you been dating him for two years. That's good and by what you said above it looks like this guy really loves you and wants to start a life with you.

    I don't know if you read the Bible but there's a Proverb that says and I'm paraphrasing here "Finish your outdoor work...prepare your fields then build your house".

    That verse speaks to young people who are truly committed to a relationship and want to start a life or family together.

    At this moment you and him are "finishing your outdoor work" because both of you want to finish school. Then if he wants to continue in this relationship(which its very obvious) will go to the next step: "prepare your fields".

    Prepare your fields means getting your life in order basically, having a career/job to support each other or other financial means. Maybe after both of you are done with college and work and save up money..will "build your house".

    That's the last step in a solid relationship: marriage and children. You must be waiting anxiously when he finally decides to say "******** will you marry me?" Right now, you longing for that day and when it comes both of us will be making plans to get married. Writing and mailing invitations, picking the right wedding dress/tux to wear, catering food, renting a hall etc.

    Then on your honeymoon decide whether or not you want to "build your house".

    Well I hope that helps!


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  • Generally a promise ring is a promise to remain a virgin until marriage.

    • That is also true but how do we know both of them are virgins?

    • well that DEFINITELY didn't happen XD

    • And I was a virgin until 22. It's a big thing and not something that you take lightly.

  • First of all how long have you two been together? Don't be scared what I'm about to tell you but weak relationship is usually ends within two months and solid relationship is about two to three years.

    • Lol we've been going out for almost 2 years now :)

  • It means "I'll never marry you, but I don't want you going anywhere, so here's this to appease you"

    • Downvote away, but it's the truth.

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    • It should be called a Broken Promise Ring.

    • Sounds like you have a "Broken heart"

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  • A promise ring is not the same as an engagement ring. I would take it as a promise to be faithful to you.

    • Right. Because a promise ring means "I'm going to be with you and no one else" and an engagement ring means "I want to get married to you and be with you for the rest of my life".

  • Wow OK these guys are negative. It depends on how lonh you"ve been together and where he is at in life. Since he is finishing university and going to work full time he sounds mature and to be moving in the right direction. Don't rush things. He's not ready to get hitched right away but its something that could move in that direction a few years down the road if things go well.